Are You Hiring Newswire Services or Pitching Reporters to Get Publicity?

Did you hire a press release distribution site recently? If your answer is yes, did you land a placement of your story?

The main reason why marketers and PR reps work hire newswire services is to land a media coverage. Sadly, a lot of journalists still prefer receiving personal pitches because they believe building relationships matter before any media outreach strategy.

If you are contemplating whether to use Newswire services or pitch your story, you should consider understanding their differences and how they can help your business.

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What is a pitch?

A pitch is what you send a reporter if you want to land publicity. Pitching is reaching out to a reporter and offering a story angle or a newsworthy story, complete with images, quotes, stats and other relevant information.

Pitches are short and usually includes the basic information. It includes links to a brand’s press kit, images, videos, support materials and information about the company. Some reporters don’t mind pitches that use bullet points to present the story idea.

Marketers and PR pros pitch to the media who are more likely to cover their story. They follow the rules in pitching and includes all the needed information to increase the likelihood that they get covered.

Reporters first pitch stories to their editors. If they approve it, you will see your story get published in the newspaper. Reporters may ask for additional information or brand assets, or may ask for a follow up interview. Make sure that you’re fast in giving a response, or else, they are more likely to move to another story.

Some rules to follow before pitching include:

  • Before pitching, marketers should research relevant media.
  • Establish connections with them through the social media.
  • Know their beats, style of writing, topics and most recent article they have written.
  • Know the best way to reach out to reporters.

What are newswires?

After you have written your press release, you can either pitch it to a reporter or use a press release distribution site to get your story in front of the press. There are two types of distribution channels existing in the marketing industry:

Paid distribution are sites that provide publish your story on their website and in other locations, including portals, news sites and search engines. Some paid services even offer social media sharing that allows your press releases to be shared on different social media platforms. This feature makes it possible for your story to reach your target audience, promote engagement and brand awareness.

When you hire a paid site, you get reports from time to time to know the reach of your release, where it is published and the number of page views. You gain better media opportunity when a reporter sees your release.

Free distribution sites publish stories for a limited time on their website. There’s no guarantee that your story can be published in other sites. Don’t use the service is you are sharing a major news.

Since it is free, you don’t get much benefits like when you hire a paid site. Don’t expect that you’ll get analytic reports that can give you a clue, whether it is a successful or not.

In general, hiring newswires doesn’t give you a guarantee that reporters and news outlets will write about your brand. However, one thing for sure, when you use a paid distribution site, you can earn mentions that you can later use as a foundation in building a long-term relationship with the media.

Should you pitch or use a distribution site?

Pitching to reporters provide more traction with the media because it requires building a relationship in the process. Having a connection with relevant reporters can increase the possibility that your story will be covered.

When you pitch, it involves personalization to let reporters pay attention to your story rather than using a distribution channel. You have to impress them by providing them newsworthy and relevant story, and including enough details to pique their interest.

On the other hand, using distribution sites takes a lot of burden from the marketers and PR professionals. You don’t need to build relationship, but there’s no sure way that you can have publicity.

Whether you are going to pitch or use a site depends on your goals. Examine your goals, then check which of the two options can help you achieve them best.